Thank you to the 97 authors who participated in our HOW TO Poetry and Prose Series!

Silver Birch Press

Thank you to the 97 authors from 28 states and 9 countries who participated in our HOW TO Poetry and Prose Series, which ran from February 17 to April 18, 2021. We learned so much along the way! It was a great two-month journey! Many thanks to…

Lisa Alletson
Kathryn Almy
Paige L. Austin
Jaya Avendel
Janet Banks
Jane Baston
Laurel Benjamin
Nina Bennett
Robert Bensen
Penny Blackburn
Shelly Blankman
Mark Blickley
Rose Mary Boehm
Steve Bogdaniec
Elya Braden
Steven Bridenbaugh
Ranney Campbell
Jan Chronister
Tricia Marcella Cimera
Sara Clancy
Joe Cottonwood
Barbara Crary
Barbara Crooker
Jonathan Croose
Howard Richard Debs
Rafaella Del Bourgo
Julie A. Dickson
Dakota Donovan
Elizabeth Dunford
Barbara Eknoian
Scott Ferry
Jennifer Finstrom
Yvette Viets Flaten
Sue Mayfield Geiger
Ken Gierke
Laura Glenn
Catherine Gonick
Vince Gotera
Tina Hacker
Oz Hardwick
Stephanie L. Harper
Penny Harter
Jennifer Hernandez
Stephen Howarth
Mathias Jansson
Paul Jones

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A Beautiful Morning and 3 Poems Published 12 Hours!

As I write this, I’m in my hammock in my backyard, it’s about 49 degrees Fahrenheit, and I’m witnessing the sunrise through the trees, and listening to all the birds singing their morning songs, and feeling so grateful. Here is your Moment of Zen. (Be sure to have your sound on to hear the birds)

❤️ THANK YOU to all of you who read this blog of mine. I really appreciate you checking in to read about my love of writing poetry, and how happy I feel when they find wonderful homes.

So, this past Friday, April 9, I posted here about my poem “Resurrected” that had just been published in “The Ekphrastic Review.” I was thrilled, of course.

A few hours later, I opened Instagram, and saw my face looking back at me on the Instagram page of The Literatus! @the.literatus.

I knew they were going to post the Haiku Sonnet I had submitted about Sylvia Plath for their National Poetry Month series on “Poets Writing About Poets,” but didn’t know the exact date.

Then, I was astonished to see they had named me their “Poet of the Week” and wrote some very kind words about my poem. Here are pics from the post:

If you know anything about me, you know that Sylvias Plath is one of my greatest inspirations, both for her poetry, and for all the struggles she overcame in her short, but incredible life. Needless to say, this was practically a dream come true for me. I know I’ll never even come close to her genius, but I can always be inspired by her brilliance and tenacity.

Thank you so much to The Literatus. If you don’t know about them yet, please check them out on Instagram @the.literatus or their website

Then this! 😱😱😱

Just a few short hours later, I received an email that a poem I wrote, “How To Return To Paradise” had gone live at Silver Birch Press for their “How To” series.

Here’s that poem:

Again, I knew this poem had been accepted, but didn’t know the exact date of publication. I absolutely love the artwork they chose to accompany my poem, and appreciate so much their support. Please check our all the “How To”poems in this series at are wonderful!

You can also find them on Twitter @SilverBirchPres

It goes without saying, that in terms of my poetry being published, April 9, 2021 got rave reviews in my journal that night! 😂 A publishing trifecta.

There’s so much more, but I’ll save for next time.

Thank you again so much, for reading- I hope you are all safe, and that this Covid nightmare will be behind us soon. It is definitely getting better in my city.

Keep reading, keep creating, and You Be You. 🌎

Until next time,

Lisa the Lit Geek

That’s me enjoying the beautiful weather yesterday.

New Poem Published- “Resurrected”


My poem “Resurrected” was chosen by the editor of The Ekphrastic Review as one of those to be featured for this biweekly ekphrastic challenge.

I had never seen this work of art before, and was immediately struck by the blood red sky and the coffin.

It’s always so fascinating to read how different poets interpret and bring works of visual art alive in words.

Mine is the fifth one. Hope you enjoy them all.

More news coming soon.

Lisa the Lit Geek

Photo by Lachlan Ross on

My Flash Fiction Published Today!

See below for link to this piece

If you like Flash (very short) Fiction, I had a piece I wrote published today in Bright Flash Literary Review, called “Elevator Girl” as one of the 11 stories in their April Issue. Thank you to Editor Kristen Henderson for giving this story a great home.

Here’s the direct link and I’m also including their Twitter link.

Hope you enjoy it. 😊 And thanks for reading.

Until next time,

Lisa the Lit Geek